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Record Breaking Auctions

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Posted On: September 7, 2020 by Backes Auctioneers in: Auctions

Although we don’t see too many multi-million-dollar items come through our auction house, we love staying up to date on historical sales. From pigeons to whiskey, there have been some high-priced items up for auction in the last few years. There were even some infamous tights that sold for almost a million! Keep reading to hear about some of the biggest sales at auctions from across the globe.   Brand new sports jerseys can cost upwards of $100 brand new, but do you know how much a jersey from the late 1920s is worth? An authentic Babe Ruth jersey recently sold at auction for $5.64 million! We aren’t sure if it gave the buyer better baseball skills, but it definitely broke records in the auction industry!   Speaking of expensive clothes, you’ll be shocked how much some tights from the ‘60s fetched at auction! For those of you old enough to remember the show, the original Batman and Robin

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