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Downsizing or Liquidating in a Niche Industry

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Posted On: November 1, 2019 by Backes Auctioneers in: Auctions, Downsizing or Liquidating

Whether the time has come for you to close up shop or you are just looking to lighten the load, it can seem difficult to sell niche equipment. Even if you have heard that there isn’t a market for your used equipment, we can help. From pizzerias to bulldozers, Backes Auctioneers has the knowledge and technology to make sure your items sell. Our Background Backes Auctioneers has decades of experience in the auction industry. With this experience comes the knowledge to work with a variety of industries. Banks, restaurants, farm owners and even random collectors have turned to us to help sell their items. We are able to do this by investing in our company. We utilize the latest marketing technology to not only stay ahead of competitors but also to get you the most bang for your buck. This improves your bottom line and gets you faster results. Examples of Our Auctions 1.     Restaurants – Restaurants have many items that can appeal to a variety of people. From

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