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What You Need to Know About Liquidating in a Merger

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Posted On: September 13, 2019 by Backes Auctioneers in: Auctions

Growth is always good. Your company is about to grow in size due to a merger. This means new ideas, new staff and sometimes, double the equipment. Backes Auctioneers has the experience you need to work through this kind of business deal and can help you find the best way to liquidate your extra supplies. With any merger, there are specific goals in mind. You may be looking to diversify your amenities or offer more efficient services. You could also be looking to gain access to new markets outside of your current portfolio. Whatever the reason, with any merger there will be an acquisition of goods. Extra Equipment If your company is merging with a similar company and you offer the same services, you will likely double-up on machinery or goods. With this horizontal merger, you’ll need to figure out what machinery you want to keep, and what items are just going to take up space. Rather than having duplicate equipment, it makes more sense to invest in machinery that will allow

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