If You Have Equipment to Sell, Backes Auctioneers is On Your Side.

For more than 40 years, the Backes family has been connecting banks and businesses that need to liquidate equipment to eager buyers.

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Get Fair & Accurate Estimates for Your Equipment.

Don’t try to liquidate equipment without understanding the value in today’s market. Give yourself an advantage. Backes Auctions specializes in commercial equipment and is the Midwest auctioneer you can trust to provide fair and accurate assessments of your assets.

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45 Years of Overall Experience

Working with bankruptcy trustees since the early 1990's

Since our first years of business, we have been associated with construction and industrial auctions and liquidations

Since 1976, our first year of business, we have partnered with many Financial Institutions

1988 was our first Food Service Equipment Auction, now we serve the entire Midwest and beyond


Restaurants, Bakeries & Bars

Nobody knows food preparation and service equipment like Backes. Ovens, mixers, fryers, warmers and other commercial kitchen equipment is in demand. Get appropriate value estimates, so you get the right price for your commercial food preparation assets.

Manufacturing, Machining & Fabrication

Backes Auctioneers is trusted from Minneapolis to Kansas City, Lincoln to Milwaukee to sell industrial manufacturing equipment and machines. CNC, milling tools, lathes, welders, presses, grinders, bending equipment and more. Liquidating metalworking and woodworking machinery relies on getting the right valuation for your industrial machines. If you have a workshop to sell off, let’s assess your machinery today.

Auto Repair, Body Shops & Vehicles

Automotive servicing machinery can have decades of productive use. Understanding the value remaining in your auto repair and body shop tools and machines is key to ensuring you get a fair price. Trust valuation of your automotive assets to Backes.

Construction & Agricultural Machinery

From smaller implements to heavy construction and agricultural equipment, Backes Auctioneers has been providing knowledgeable assessments to businesses and farms like yours. Those accurate valuations are essential to getting your valuable assets in front of buyers who understand what they’re worth. We know excavators, dozers, dump trucks, conveyors, mixers, trenchers, graders, cranes, combines, planters, spreaders, plows, irrigation equipment and much more.

Commercial, Industrial and Beyond

Truth is, there isn’t much Backes Auctioneers hasn’t helped Midwestern businesses like yours liquidate. From like-new machinery to well-used commercial appliances, gym equipment, and more!

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Get in Front of Interested Bidders.

Backes commercial auctions have been building audiences of interested buyers. Each week, more than 3 thousand users look to our site for new auctions. More than 40,000 buyers have connected with us on Facebook to be informed of upcoming auctions. Thousands of interested buyers are watching for Backes Auctioneers to preview the same items you need to liquidate.

They’re ready to bid.

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Sell Your Items Professionally & Quickly.

Whether you are looking to retire, free up space, change the focus of your business, clear out a space where items were left behind, or sell off assets you have been warehousing for too long, Backes Auctioneers will help you move those items quickly.

Business owners, banks, bankruptcy courts, attorneys and trustees look to us because they don’t want to wait weeks to turn buildings, machinery, and other equipment they do not need into cash. Our years of experience and training have taught us that holding onto items rarely leads to increased value. Prepare your items for sale. We’ll assess their worth and get them in front of interested buyers, so you have cash to invest instead of depreciating assets.

Backes is a trusted name in auctions in Iowa, Illinois, Missouri, Minnesota, Wisconsin, Nebraska, and parts of surrounding states because we know the industries we serve, we handle auctions with the appropriate level of professionalism and discretion, we get sellers like you the value you need from the property you no longer need.

Call Randy, Rod, Douglas, and the team at Backes Auctioneers at (319) 226-3024.

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