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Learn More About Various Forms of Auction

One of the biggest benefits of working with Backes Auctioneers is that we have the capabilities to perform several types of auctions. We have the ability to incorporate technology to facilitate online auctions so buyers can log in to bid from anywhere. By offering a variety of auction options, we give you the ability to sell assets quickly and effectively.


Backes Auction - live auction  Live Auctions

People are most familiar with this form of auction. This auction creates a high-energy atmosphere to encourage bidders to be active with an experienced, qualified auctioneer leading everything.


Live with online bidding Live Auction with Online Bidding

By adding online bidding to the live auction atmosphere, we give online bidders the ability to bid on assets being sold during the auction at the same time as standard bidding. This allows you to reach more potential buyers.


live auction with webcast Live Auction with Webcast

Add a video feed to a Live Auction with Online Bidding. We set up video cameras so people can experience the live auction via the internet, allowing them to see the assets for sale while they bid online.


Timed online only auction Timed Online-Only Activation

There is no live auction component to this auction type, which makes them ideal for leased properties where live auctions aren’t possible. You set the deadline, and we set up the online auction in advance to allow bidders from around the world to bid on the assets until the deadline.

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