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Since 1976, we have been focused on providing professional auction services to our clients. This means that we have dealt with just about every type of auction you can imagine! Many people wonder what types of businesses and items go to auction, so Backes Auctioneers has put together a list of industries and articles that have been auctioned throughout the years. 

  1. Ice Cream Shop
  2. Restaurant
  3. Drive In
  4. Bar
  5. Drywall Contractor
  6. DJ Equipment
  7. Coffee House
  8. Daycare
  9. Bakery
  10. Home Appliances
  11. Butcher Shop
  12. Grocery Store
  13. Flip Flop Sandal Store
  14. Caskets
  15. Convenience Store
  16. Grooming & Kennel Gear
  17. Liquor House
  18. Automotive
  19. Chiropractor
  20. Brewing Equipment
  21. Auto Shop
  22. Jeweler
  23. Stock Car Parts
  24. Meat Locker
  25. Car Wash
  26. Hair Salon
  27. Collectable Signage
  28. Farm Machinery
  29. Construction Equipment
  30. Hotel
  31. Printing Equipment
  32. Welding Tools
  33. Bank
  34. Industrial Machinery
  35. Athletic Sports Center
  36. Greenhouse
  37. Masonry Tools
  38. Concession Trailer
  39. Glass Door Merchandiser
  40. Flooring Company

These are just a few of the companies and types of equipment we have auctioned. We’re always looking for new items to add to the list, so give us a call today if you’re seeking to auction your business. Our team of knowledgeable staff is here to give you the best results!


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