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As we have seen over the last year, COVID-19 has greatly impacted supply shortages in industries across the board. From electronics and clothing to lumber and more, many economies around the world are experiencing a supply shortage of various goods. But what if there was another option? Instead of waiting or having to pay the middleman, buying your goods from an auction provides you with quick access to high-quality used equipment that can arrive on time and is within your budget. Keep reading to find out how auctions can help offset supply shortages. 

  1. High-Quality Used Equipment Available 

If the goods you’re looking for are out of stock or backordered with no availability in sight, perhaps perusing through used equipment at auctions is a better choice. At Backes Auctioneers, we carry a wide variety of used goods from various industries that are high-quality and available for purchase. Not only does bidding on used equipment allow you to get the items you want at a price your wallet is happy about, but it also means they will be available and, in your possession, right away or very soon. 

  1. Little to No Wait Times 

Unlike ordering a new product online and waiting for the retailer to ship it to you or let you know when the item is finally back in stock, when you bid on an item at an auction and win the bid, it’s yours to take home right away! If the item needs to be shipped to you instead, you’ll experience far quicker wait times than you would with purchasing a new product that may be at a warehouse further away. 

  1. No Need to Pay for Shipping 

When you buy at an auction, you can typically take your items home right away and can avoid paying for costly shipping and handling. Since you can usually take the item right away, you can skip waiting days, weeks, or months for the item to arrive. This is perfect if you’re in a pinch and need something right away or soon. 

  1. Go Straight to the Source and Skip the Middleman 

When you bid and buy at an auction, you can skip the middleman and shop straight at the source. With online or in-store shopping, you’re often going through retailers, resellers and wholesalers who can inflate prices and may not have what you need, when you need it. Instead, going straight to the source, in this case, the auction and seller, allows you to enjoy lower prices for high-quality items and the ability to take your items home sooner. 

  1. More Affordable Prices 

When you bid on an item at an auction, you’re deciding how much you want to pay for it and not the other way around! Saving money and making sure you stick to your budget will be worth it down the road. Plus, if you get the equipment you’re interested in at a lower price than you expected, then you have extra room in your budget to add something else that just might catch your eye. 

Since 1976, Backes Auctioneers has conducted over 100 appraisals and auctions for the food service, commercial, industrial and agricultural industries. If you’re looking for high-quality items at fair prices and greater availability, look no further than one of our upcoming options. Check them out today! 

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