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Like all things in life, sometimes we need a change of environment in order to discover something great. The same can be true of shopping outside of your business industry. Whatever your line of work, you have probably gone to at least one auction in your industry to buy items you need at a fair price. This is a smart financial decision. However, you may be missing out on some other great deals by only attending auctions within your industry. You may be surprised by what ends up working perfectly for your business. Here are a few different things you might find at food service, industrial or agricultural auction.


Food Service

Of course, at a food service auction, you are likely to find items such as a stove, ice machines and large freezers. But some items you may be surprised to find are items that many businesses often need such as an air conditioner, chairs, cars and trucks.



When you think of an industrial auction, you may only picture very large items that you have neither the space nor use for. Yet, there are often many smaller scale items that could be useful to most people. For example, you may find small power tools and office equipment. Most businesses need at least a desk or two and may find high-quality options at an industrial auction.



No, you certainly don’t have to be a farmer to appreciate an agricultural auction. You’d be pleased to find these auctions often have collectible items and smaller mowers for your house or business lawn.


Sometimes, it pays to step outside of your comfort zone. When you go to an auction outside of your industry, you may find something unexpected and perfect for your business. There may even be less competition on the items you are interested in. Check out our upcoming auctions today to find your next deal!


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