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October is the perfect time to go to haunted houses and watch scary movies, but did you ever think about looking at all the haunted items that have been up for auction? Throughout the years there have been some insanely cool but also scary items that have been up for auction, we are going to share with you what those are and what makes them haunted.  

The Haunted MacBook 

  • The seller of this laptop said that it had been haunted ever since he left it outside of a mental hospital. He claimed that the ghost inside of the laptop would communicate with him using messages and changed all the songs downloaded onto his laptop as well as the desktop background. The seller said he actually became close friends with the ghost inside of the laptop and is looking to sell it to clear up space in their home. Click here to read the full article on this spooky MacBook! 

The Bassano Vase 

  • This vase has been said to bring death wherever it goes. It was originally given to a bride in Italy as a wedding gift and she was found on the ground dying while holding onto the vase. It was later sold in 1988 for four million Lira which is a little over 200,000 U.S. Dollars. It was sold and resold multiple times and each owner died within months of owning the Bassano Vase. To find out more details about the Bassano Vase, check out this article!  

The Ghost of Bobby Jones in a Jar 

  • A seller on eBay was selling a jar that he claimed the ghost of Bobby Jones was in. Bobby Jones was a legendary golfer who died from Syringomyelia. The seller on eBay said he knew it was Bobby Jones because the ghost was repeatedly saying “Syringomyelia” and once the seller realized it, he said that he forced the ghost into the jar, which he is now selling on eBay. To find out more details about this haunted jar, check out this article!  

Haunted Dybbuk Box 

  • This wine cabinet was used in the movie The Possession and was later sold on eBay. After the buyer received the cabinet creepy things started happening. It started with nightmares and then a long line of bad luck and he reported becoming very sick. He went to a rabbi for advice and was told to place the wine cabinet in a specific wooden container to hopefully stop the spirit. Check out this article to find out more about this haunted wine cabinet!  

As many may not know, there are many haunted items that have been auctioned throughout the years. Whether or not you believe that they are actually haunted is definitely up to you, either way the stories are extremely interesting to learn about and researching them can add another spooky activity to do this October!  


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