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Buying new equipment and supplies in-store or online is the norm, but what if there was another route you could take that would save you money? A route that would also help you get the full value of out what you’re putting on the market, if you’re selling equipment.  Utilizing a commercial auction is the answer! Keep reading to learn more about how this route can benefit both the buyer and seller. 


Here are some benefits for prospective buyers if you choose to make your purchases at a commercial auction: 

  1. Discounted Prices 

At an auction, there’s a chance that you get the equipment you’re looking for at a much cheaper price than buying it new.  

  1. Expanded Options 

Visiting an auction gives you even more options and you may find equipment you didn’t realize you needed.  

  1. Immediate Ownership 

When you decide to make a purchase online, not only do you have to pay for shipping, but you also must wait a certain amount of time for the order to arrive. Even when you shop in-store, equipment is sometimes out of stock. If you win the bid at an auction, the equipment is yours to take on that same day with no waiting involved. 


If you’re looking to sell your goods or equipment, here are some benefits to selling at a commercial auction: 

  1. Auctioneer Marketing and Connections 

Auctioneers have connections and lots of background knowledge on the industry. These things along with their great marketing software will allow them to advertise the items you’re selling and attract the right buyers. 

  1. Selling Items for More Money 

If the buyers bid each other up, there’s a possibility that you will make more money than what the item you’re selling originally listed for. 

  1. Quick Turnaround 

Posting your equipment online to sell means it might take a while to make the sale. At an auction, you know when your goods will be sold and you don’t have to wait for responses to an online posting. 

Questions? We’re here to help you through the buying or selling journey. Contact us to learn more and visit our website to keep reading about our services. 


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