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You’ve made a smart move in deciding to sell your valuable items at an auction in order to come out on top financially. The next step is getting your items auction-ready. What is this? Essentially, it’s knowing what potential buyers are looking for and doing everything in your power to meet those needs. Here’s a rundown of everything that must be thought about in order to get the bid you are looking for!

Make Them Shine

While buyers come to the auction with the understanding that items are as is, it’s important to make that a “non-issue” for them. What this means is that you not only show exceptional maintenance of items that you currently have for future auctions, but also make sure everything you bring is cleaned down to the studs. There’s not a lot you can do about rust once it starts, but you can make the rest of the item shine whether that means a good polish, wax or wipe down. Let’s get those bid wars going!

What to Look For

Think about a time when you have gone to an auction for a specific item. What was it that made an item stand out to you? Were there other items that caught your attention that you weren’t even looking for? Think about what it was about those items that made you bid. Try to duplicate that same effect on potential bidders. Bring your best items to auction, and make sure to be honest about any previous owners besides you and relevant prior usage. If you establish a baseline of trust with bidders, they will know that what they see is what they get when it comes to your merchandise.

A Bidder’s World

Honesty, honesty, honesty! Buyers can sniff out half-truths a mile away. Be sure that you have the most complete and accurate information about each item you are putting up. The bidder will not bid if they feel as though they have too many unanswered questions. You need to make the decision simple for them. This means providing every detail possible about the contents and any defects. This information should be at the forefront of the item. At Backes Auctions, we are able to help you navigate this, because we understand the importance of buyer credibility. Be upfront with us about the condition of everything you are looking to sell.

If you’re ready to get your items to Backes Auctions, contact us for next steps!


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