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Going to an auction puts you in an environment where there are immense excitement and stress for those wanting to snag a great deal. However, this can lead to some people forgetting their manners along the way. That’s why the professionals at Backes Auctions wanted to remind you of a few rules of thumb when it comes to auction etiquette.

Don’t Raise the Price

If you know you don’t want the item and are just raising the price for fun, that’s rude. Don’t bid on something just to make someone else pay more. If they truly want the item and then you instantly back out after a bidding war, they know you were only trying to hurt their bank account. Be supportive of others because you wouldn’t want that being done to you.

Only Bid on What You Want

As mentioned above, only bid on the items you truly want. Adding more people into the bid will only raise the price higher. Everyone should be wanting fellow bidders to get good deals. If you are polite to them while they bid on their items, they will return the favor when you find something that catches your eye.

Leave Young Children At Home

When there are breakable items around and auctioneers speaking loudly, children have a tendency to get a little mischievous. Special valuables could get broken or a screaming, bored child might distract the auctioneer and cause you to be the one on show. Being courteous and leaving the younger ones at home will lead to a lot smoother and less stressful experience for you and others.

Don’t Push the Auctioneer to Start

An auctioneer has a set schedule and wants to follow it. Just because you’re anxious, excited, or have somewhere else to be, doesn’t mean that you get to go first. Wait your turn and respect others while they are bidding. Many people will be there after you and are patiently waiting for their time to buy, too.

Don’t Mess With Lots

Be respectful of the work auctioneers have done to put the lots together for the auctions. They are like that for a reason, and it delays the auction when things come up missing or moved. You wouldn’t want your items relocated, so leave the items where they are meant to be.

We hope that these tips will help pave the way for you to gain the respect of other bidders while finding your prized possessions. If you want to know what auctions are coming up or have any inquiries, contact us today! We’re looking forward to talking to you!


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