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Whether you’re planning on going to your first auction or you have a few under your belt, it’s important to remember the etiquette involved with auctions. Auctions put you in an environment where there’s a lot of excitement and some degree of stress. However, with the stakes high, some people forget their manners. That’s why the professionals at Backes Auctions want to remind you of a few rules of thumb when it comes to auction etiquette.  

Commit to a price 

If you know you don’t want the item or it has surpassed your spending limit and you’re just raising the price for fun, that’s impolite. Don’t bid on something without the intentions on purchasing it to make someone else pay more. Creating a bidding war just to back out at the last-minute hurts not only your image but the person who truly wanted the item. Just like the golden rule, be supportive of others because you wouldn’t want that being done to you. 

Leave the kids at home 

Auctions aren’t typically a family-friendly space. From breakable items to heavy machinery, there are many items that could get a small child into big trouble - not to mention the loud hustle and bustle of the auctioneer working. Being courteous and leaving the younger ones at home will lead to a lot smoother and less stressful experience for you and others.  

Relax and enjoy the show 

Although all the hype and excitement has you ready to go, an auctioneer has a set schedule and wants to follow it. Despite your timeline and desire to bid on the items you want, you’ll have to wait just like everyone else. Wait your turn and respect others while they are bidding. Many people will be there after you and are patiently waiting for their time to buy as well.  

Don’t mess with lots 

Whether you actually see it in action or not, auctioneers put in a ton of work putting lots together for the auction. The items are paired like that for a reason, and it can severely delay the auction when things come up missing or get moved. If you were the seller, you wouldn’t want your items relocated, so leave the items where they are meant to be. 

We hope that these tips will help pave the way for you to gain the respect of other bidders while finding your prized possessions. If you want to know what auctions are coming up or have any inquiries, contact us today! We’re looking forward to talking to you! 



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